Investigate your technology landscape in preparation for your transition to the cloud and identify opportunities to optimise for performance, security, and cost efficiency.


The DalRae Solutions Rate of Innovation Review (ROI) is a comprehensive investigation of your business’s technology landscape. Our expert team thoroughly examines each element of your landscape to find where your system is being underutilised, inefficiencies, areas of improvement, and what can be retired.

The ROI provides the information and roadmap for businesses looking to drive more value from their SAP investment, leverage the innovation capabilities that SAP offers, and those looking to migrate to S/4HANA Public or Private Cloud.

Your Challenges


Needing to drive more business value out of your SAP Investment.


Heavily customised ECC presents a challenge moving to S/4HANA.


SAP ECC maintenance costs need to be reduced and supportability ensured.

Years of upgrades and customisations have rendered many SAP landscapes complex, complicated and difficult to manage.

An ROI creates a clear snapshot of your landscape and will plot a path to modernisation, upgrade, cost reduction, and supportability.

By thoroughly examining your current landscape from both a technical and human point of view, you are given the tools to make informed decisions.

Most importantly, it allows you to understand what in your system can be moved to standard, what sets you apart, and how you can leverage BTP to maximise competitive advantage.


Correct process diagram

In-depth, holistic insights and understanding of your SAP Landscape

Eye in a magnifying glass

Identification of your competitive advantage use case

Speeding Clock

Creation of a roadmap and timeline that delivers quicker time to value

ROI AppHaus Approach

The ROI AppHaus approach involves starting with design thinking to gain profound insights into specific business scenarios through observation, interviews, and research.

This is followed by scaling with architecture thinking to develop a conceptual solution diagram based on user feedback.


  • In-depth, holistic insights and understanding of your technology landscape from both a people and technological perspective.
  • Identification of your competitive advantage use case to be delivered through BTP and functionalities covered by standard SAP practices.
  • Creation of a roadmap and timeline, based on deep insights into your landscape that delivers quicker time to value.

Why chose DalRae Solutions

Industry Leadership

We are a leader in SAP User Experience with 20 years experience

Customer Focused

We bring the best out of SAP by delivering customer focused outcomes

Boots on the ground

We take the time to understand your business and day-to-day needs