Why do I need a DDA?

One of the first questions that businesses ask when they consider moving to the cloud is “where do I start?” If you already operate on an SAP system, that question naturally progresses into a conversation about your already existing landscape, customisations, and processes. What can you bring along? What has to be retired? What is compatible? What is incompatible with the cloud?

The Digital Discovery Assessment (DDA) is the process by which we look at your landscape holistically to determine your compatibility with the cloud. Think of it as a checklist that helps identify how much of your existing landscape fits into the standard SAP product.

For many businesses this can act as a spring clean for processes that have become inefficient over time or have left your SAP landscape entirely for a spreadsheet or third-party application that requires additional work to keep your business running.

The goal of the DDA is to determine what in your landscape can become a standard SAP process, and what is needed to be extended to maintain your competitive advantage. The DDA returns an almost percentage math with a fit to standard. We will say to you, your business is an 80% fit, here’s what doesn’t fit and here is how we extend your system.

By identifying what in your what can be brought to standard, what needs to be left behind, and what can be extended, DalRae Solutions focuses on what makes you, you.

Image credit: Mike Jolton for the SAP Blog. https://blogs.sap.com/2022/12/06/the-importance-of-the-discovery-phase/

DalRae Solutions has a Cloud First Mindset which follows a set of Guiding Principles to ensure that you get the most out of your cloud investment. One of the most important of these principles is Adopt over Adapt. The Digital Discovery Assessment will determine exactly what standard processes that your business can adopt and see immediate benefit from. By prioritising adoption of standard processes and using SAP Business Technology Platform to extend your SAP system, your business will see greater benefit from SAP’s substantial investment into the S/4HANA Cloud platform.