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The DalRae Solutions SAP AppHaus is the answer to your business challenges. Our professional Design Thinking coach and experienced team are masters at running Design Thinking workshops that will help you overcome your business challenges.

Design Thinking is the Human Centred approach to creating digital solutions for your business where your team and the DalRae Team work together to map out and solve your business challenges. Workshops can be conducted in our AppHaus space, onsite at your business, or even online.


What is the AppHaus?

AppHaus is a space where teams engage in multidisciplinary collaboration, combining various skills and perspectives to address complex challenges and develop innovative solutions.

It is designed to facilitate collaboration and creativity, featuring open spaces, flexible work areas, and design thinking tools and techniques. They serve as hubs for design sprints, workshops, prototyping sessions, and other innovation activities.

Experience Our Design Thinking Workshops

Get hands on experience solving challenges using the Human Centered Design Methodology in our Design Thinking Workshop. By bringing together a variety of stakeholders from within your organisation, our experienced Design Thinking Coach will guide your team into finding solutions to problems, developing prototypes and maximising business value.

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As an official member of the SAP AppHaus Network, DalRae has the AppHaus space located in the former IBM building at the top of Edward Street with breathtaking views of the Brisbane CBD.


To find an effective solution to your business issue you don’t need to go to our office. Our experienced team can collaborate with you online.


If both offline and online collaboration options are inconvenient for you the DalRae team will hold a Design Thinking workshop at your office location.

Ideate With Our Innovation Design Workshop

Get hands on experience applying design thinking methodology through the DalRae Solutions AppHaus. Bring together customers, representatives and solution end users with an experienced SAP Partner to develop a solution prototype.

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