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DalRae are a global IT Consultancy specialising in SAP technology solutions.

We aim to understand our client’s business problems, and then design, realise and implement solutions to streamline these using leading edge SAP technology.

We are experts in SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP), which allows SAP customers to make quick and efficient changes to their business processes without impacting their core system.

DalRae are also an SAP Gold Partner and work closely with them to maximise their software’s usage and value to the business community.

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Success Stories

Read through the details of our most successful projects.

Proven Experience

A track record of delivering SAP technology solutions to real world business problems.

Industry Acknowledged SAP Experts

An SAP Gold Partner, acknowledged as in region experts in Business Technology Platform and User Experience.

Process Improvement Focus

Our innovative ``First Mile`` methodology allows customers to improve core processes quickly and easily.

SAP Community Leaders

Utilising our in-house knowledge to benefit the broader SAP community.

Industry Specialisations

We work with a wide range of industries, but specialise in the following:
From mining to gas and utilities, DalRae Solutions have worked with a range of businesses in the Energy & Natural Resources industry.
Defence, NDIA and NZ Police are just a few of the Government entities we've worked with across Australia and New Zealand.
Engineering, logistics, transport & professional services all have a unique set of challenges, and we have the experience to help solve them.

DalRae Solutions

Let us improve your business!

DalRae Solutions can help you innovate at the first mile of your business and integrate with your core SAP system. The possibilities are endless, so get in touch to explore the ways we can future proof your business today.