Automation to ease the flow of data

How building Chat Bots in BTP can revolutionise your business

An interactive session on how DalRae solutions have produced a Chat Bot using BTP, which can run on S/4 HANA Cloud as well as on premise and even ECC6 versions. The bot can respond in text and can present graphical responses using data from your SAP system.

Join SAP Technical Architect Jorg Thuijs and his team while they demonstrate the demo to the audience, talking through some of the practical applications of this technology, as well as the development process they went through. Jorg will also take questions from the audience in a Q&A session towards the end.

This is an educational session suitable for technical SAP professionals as well as anyone responsible for using SAP in a customer service or marketing function.

What is a chat bot and how can they help?

Chat bots are applications driven by the intent of the user, which can drive quicker outcomes to queries without the need for human intervention. This allows business to streamline customer queries at low cost.

What can they be used for?

Chat bots have many internal applications, not just external uses on retail sites. Examples include checking for internal stock level and transfers, or even planning for events based on real time information such as weather events.

Do we need expensive development resources to build them?

With the BTP suite of tools, many applications can be built in a low code/no code environment, meaning you don’t have to be a developer to create meaningful, useful apps.

Will these applications integrate with our core system?

The BTP platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with your system of record, and BTP applications such as chat bots can populate information in and out, quickly and easily. A chat bot can enquire and gather information, then feedback useful data to your core system.

Why Use BTP?

Improve Usability

BTP is purpose built to reduce complexity and improve business agility, for both business & operations.

Innovation Platform

Built for innovation, BTP is the best way to future proof your business and build resilience in today’s world.

Transform Today

BTP is available now, with low cost to entry and fast time to value, it’s ready to leverage today.

Let us improve your business!

DalRae Solutions can help you innovate at the first mile of your business and integrate with your core SAP system. The possibilities are endless, so get in touch to explore the ways we can future proof your business today.