BTP Plays well with Others (Joint Reference Architecture)

A joint reference architecture can demonstrate how SAP BTP works seamlessly with other technologies by providing a clear, visual representation of the various components and how they integrate with one another. By showing how these different technologies work together to deliver a cohesive solution, a reference architecture can help businesses to better understand the value and benefits of using SAP BTP alongside other technologies

BTP and Hyperscalers are designed to work together

Leverage the power of hyperscalers for complex processes and then return to BTP to finish the business processes.

See specific examples of outcomes that can be achieved through Joint Reference Architecture

Joint reference architecture bridges the gap between BTP and Hyperscalers to create overcomes complex challenges and create powerful new processes.

Take advantage of a landscape constantly evolving and adapting to modern business needs

Hyperscalers and BTP are constantly evolving to meet business needs. Cloud computing makes deployment of new technologies and updates that keep your business competitive easier than ever.

Hear from the experts the ins and outs of Joint Reference Architecture

Diego Lombardini from Amazon AWS joins Chris Rae, Founder and Chief Architect of DalRae Solutions to give expert insights on Joint Reference Architecture, Hyperscalers, the Cloud and SAP BTP.

Why Use BTP?

Improve Usability

BTP is purpose built to reduce complexity and improve business agility, for both business & operations.

Innovation Platform

Built for innovation, BTP is the best way to future proof your business and build resilience in today’s world.

Transform Today

BTP is available now, with low cost to entry and fast time to value, it’s ready to leverage today.

Let us improve your business!

DalRae Solutions can help you innovate at the first mile of your business and integrate with your core SAP system. The possibilities are endless, so get in touch to explore the ways we can future proof your business today.