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If your business is considering the leap to BTP but aren’t sure where to start, DalRae Solutions help get you moving with BTP Free Tier.

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is the platform that powers you to become an intelligent enterprise through integration, extension, and data-to-value from all SAP and third-party application and data assets, while ensuring your long-term success through agility, value-creation, and continual innovation.

DalRae Solutions are experts at SAP Business Technology Platform implementation and with Free Tier, your business can begin your integration journey and try some of powerful tools BTP has to offer with minimal financial commitment.

Case Management

If you are looking for a way to manage complex problems and issues that require multiple steps and processors, you should consider SAP Case Management. SAP Case Management is a powerful solution that helps you to consolidate, manage, and process information about a problem or issue in a central collection point, the case. You can link diverse information, such as business partners, transactions, products, and documents, to a case, regardless of where they reside in your system landscape.

You can also define and execute the processing flow of a case, based on activities and processors that are assigned to the case. SAP Case Management provides various functions and features that enhance your case processing efficiency and quality. In this one pager, you will learn more about why DalRae Solutions is the perfect partner to implement your SAP Case Management Solution using real world examples.

DalRae Solutions Compliance Documentation Application interface

Compliance Documentation Application

The DalRae Solutions Compliance Documentation Application is a BTP Extension for SAP SuccessFactors that completely reimagines onboarding and compliance processes. Using Optical Character Recognition and artificial intelligence, the application will automatically scan documents, populate data and begin approval workflows. The automated workflow dramatically reduces HR time and labour. Reduce risks and eliminate the hassle of handling and processing large volumes of documents.

Invoice Automation Application

The DalRae Solutions Invoice Automation Application will revolutionise your accounts workflows. The App uses Optical Character Recognition to scan invoices as they arrive and pulls the data, fills the fields in your system and begins approval workflows. The automated process dramatically reduces the human labour spent in managing and checking invoices.

SAP Mobility Services

DalRae are market leaders in transforming SAP to deliver real world applications. Through understanding our clients’ business problems, we design, realise and implement solutions that modernise your investment in SAP technology. We are experts in SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), which allows our customers to make quick and efficient changes to their business, without impacting their core system. As a SAP Gold Partner, we work to maximise the benefits of their software for the business community.

Platform Review

A DalRae Platform Review involves a comprehensive review of your SAP landscape to assess the health and efficiency of your system. This review highlights any areas that require improvement and identifies opportunities for modernisation and futureproofing of your business.
During the Platform Review, our team becomes one with yours and examines your SAP system to identify potential risks and inefficiencies, and recommends solutions to optimise your system’s performance. This may include retiring outdated software or configurations that are no longer necessary.

Cloud ERP Transformation

DalRae Solutions is the largest pureplay SAP Gold Partner in Australia. This large team, with highly skilled individuals have worked on some of the biggest SAP projects in Australia and New Zealand over the last 10 years.
With tried-and-true methods for helping our customers get the most out of their SAP investment, when it comes to transitioning to S/4HANA Cloud, you won’t have to make sacrifices on the existing system customisations that help give your business it’s competitive edge.


Testing is vital throughout the entire lifecycle of your SAP system. Whether it’s during implementation to ensure that the system is delivered on time and budget or regression testing during a system upgrade to ensure that old systems still work as intended with new technology, DalRae Solutions has you covered Testing is a critical aspect of ensuring the effectiveness, stability, and security of your SAP system.

Our team of experienced consultants is dedicated to thoroughly examining your system to identify any faults, vulnerabilities, or performance issues. We conduct meticulous testing at both the technical and end-user levels to ensure that each component functions as intended.

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