Combine two SAP technologies to grow your business

Learn how using Signavio and BTP can be a game changer

Join DalRae Solutions’ Martin Geddes and SAP’s Alex Aitken as they explore how SAP Signavio can identify the friction in your business processes that can be solved with BTP, without impacting your core system of record.

Martin will highlight how SAP Signavio works to identify inefficiencies in your processes, which can then be streamlined with BTP’s development tools. Alex will discuss how this can have a positive impact on value optimisation for SAP customers by allowing quicker decision making and return on investment.

This session is best suited to business leaders and business users keen to unlock the benefits of combining Signavio & BTP to achieve low cost, high value solutions to business process efficiency.

How well do you know your business processes?

While many organisations have agreed business processes, experience tells us that they aren’t always being followed. Your core ERP system may not have kept up to date with process changes, as well as your internal and external customer needs.

How do you identify process variance?

SAP Signavio uses proven tools to identify where delays, workarounds and process deviations are occurring, allowing you to understand what effect these are having on your business. Signavio will help you align Process and Architecture, increase visibility of change and accelerate identifying improvement opportunities

What can I do to improve our processes once identified?

By using SAP Business Technology Platform to provide innovative, low cost, high value solutions. These can include automating queries and processes, which will improve user experience and save time. All this without impacting your core ERP functions

How does this deliver value?

Our bespoke ``First Mile`` methodology allows you solve process issues that impact your core business. Eliminating process deviation will improve time to value, reduce risk and enhance both internal and external customer value.

Why Use BTP?

Improve Usability

BTP is purpose built to reduce complexity and improve business agility, for both business & operations.

Innovation Platform

Built for innovation, BTP is the best way to future proof your business and build resilience in today’s world.

Transform Today

BTP is available now, with low cost to entry and fast time to value, it’s ready to leverage today.

Let us improve your business!

DalRae Solutions can help you innovate at the first mile of your business and integrate with your core SAP system. The possibilities are endless, so get in touch to explore the ways we can future proof your business today.