Make BTP Your Single Point of Interaction

Integrating SAP Fiori Apps with MS Outlook using BTP

The integration of core SAP systems with Microsoft technology has been traditionally challenging, but the advent of BTP allows applications written in SAP Fiori to alleviate this problem. This session will give an overview of how Microsoft Teams and Outlook can be integrated seamlessly using BTP, linking with SAP Workflow Management to improve business processes.

We will also demo a live example of this using a simple Fiori App to make the logging and notification of sick leave easier and more effective.

Targeted at business leaders, SAP practitioners and business users in the HR/Payroll function, this session will demonstrate what is possible and how it can positively impact your organisation.

Why would we need to integrate SAP with MS Office?

Most businesses use MS Office for email, calendars and notifications. Creating a seamless integration between the two allows more efficient information to be reconciled with your core SAP system, as well as significantly increasing productivity over a manual process.

What are the practical implications?

DalRae Solutions have developed an application using BTP technology that allows users to book an urgent leave request directly via their phone app. The application drives 4 points of contact from one interaction, minimising the manual processes normally required.

Will this application fully integrate with our core SAP system?

The BTP platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with core SAP systems, so applications written on the platform will automatically populate the data in your system of record.

What are the business benefits?

In this example, the benefits are knowing that the systems you have in place will allow your business to be fully informed of staff movements in real time, and efficient processes minimise any impact on productivity and brand. The single point of interaction principle can be utilised to develop additional applications to address other business problems.

Why Use BTP?

Improve Usability

BTP is purpose built to reduce complexity and improve business agility, for both business & operations.

Innovation Platform

Built for innovation, BTP is the best way to future proof your business and build resilience in today’s world.

Transform Today

BTP is available now, with low cost to entry and fast time to value, it’s ready to leverage today.

Let us improve your business!

DalRae Solutions can help you innovate at the first mile of your business and integrate with your core SAP system. The possibilities are endless, so get in touch to explore the ways we can future proof your business today.