We Are ISO 27001 Certified.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is a cyber security authentication indicating expertise in managing information.

Without ISO certification, information security tends to be disorganised and uncontrollable leading to an increased of a data breach. Our ISO certification ensures that:

  • Our organisation data has minimised threats, vulnerabilities & implications
  • Design and implemented a comprehensive suite of information security and other froms of risk treatment (risk avoidance or risk transfer)
  • We have adopted a solidified management process guaranteeing that the information security managements meets ISO’s information security requirements on an ongoing basis.

Are your current SAP partners certified in ISO? If not, come have a chat.

ISO Certification Provider: https://www.cas.com.au

Learn More at: www.iso.org

Key Benefits

  • Improves IP, brand & reputation
  • Avoids fines from regulatory non-compliance (such as GDPR)
  • Avoids civil suits resulting from a data breach
  • Avoids costs of remedial action resulting from incidents and/or breaches
  • Enhances Team cohesively
  • Trust in the organisation’s sustainability
  • Training for work (and home security)
  • Clarity through policies & procedures
  • Pride in the organisation and their role in protecting it
  • Trust and assurance in DalRae and our service
  • Your confidential information is secured from potential data breaches
  • Reduced cost of supplier onboarding

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